One year after the resolution of Banco Popular

Interview with Ramón Hernández, a partner at Legal Field, one year after the resolution of Banco Popular, where he analyses the state of the legal tangle arising when the entity’s shares and a large number of its bonds were written off.

Main features of the Spanish Takeover Law

We explain the Spanish Takeover Law and the main requirements when making offers for national companies with Ramón Hernández, managing partner of the Legal Field Consultores y Abogados office and professor of the Master’s Degree in Stock Exchange and Financial Markets of the IEB.

When do you need to appoint a Data Protection Officer

The appointment of a DPO must be based on its personal and professional qualities but particular attention must be paid to its expert knowledge of data protection. A good understanding of the way the organisation operates is also recommended.

Legal Field participated in the workshop organized by AERCE regarding Corporate payment methods. Present and future of payment management.

Legal Field participated in the workshop organized by AERCE regarding Corporate payment methods. Present and future of payment management.

Ramón Hernández Peñasco, Managing Director of Legal Field Consultores y Abogados presented the regulation included in the Payment services “PSD2” Directive which enters into effect on January 13, 2018 and will incorporate new  payment services and new competitors to the system. Its main objectives are to contribute to a more integrated and efficient European payment market, improve the level playing field for payment service providers (including new players), make payments cheaper, safer and more secure and protect consumers.

The distribution of dividends

An analysis with the amendments included in the Proposition of Law on article 348 bis LSC regarding distribution of dividends.

Legal news on pension plans

We clear up some doubts on TV (program “La Mañana”, Televisión Española 20th November 2017) about pension plans and explain the upcoming legal reform.

Legal Implications of domicile change of Catalan Companies

Legal and jurisprudential analysis of the fiscal and social domicile transfer in Spain (also published on November 8, 2017 at Expansión, paper version).

Legal news for the multi-currency mortgages (from the 8th minute)

Ramón Hernández participated in the radio talk show “24 Horas” of RNE to analyze the consequences of the judgement of the Supreme Court on November 15, 2017 on multi-currency mortgages.

Business Exodus in Catalonia

Onda Cero interviews Ramón Hernández Peñasco from LEGALFIELD, CONSULTANTS AND LAWYERS about the business exodus in Catalonia. From the min. 23:30

Companies in Catalonia

The managing partner of LEGALFIELD, CONSULTANTS AND LAWYERS, Ramón Hernández, participated in the economic gathering of the “24 horas” program of Radio Nacional De España on companies in Catalonia. From the 30th minute.

Legal and economic consequences of the situation in Catalonia

Telemadrid asked LEGALFIELD, CONSULTORES Y ABOGADOS about the exodus of business in Catalonia. Ramón Hernández Peñasco in the minute 33:37 of Telenoticias.

Economic Roundtable "Mercado Abierto" de Capital Radio, presented by Laura Blanco

Participation of Ramón Hernández, partner-director of Legal Field, commenting on the economic situation in Catalonia

Transfer of companies' registered offices due to the situation in Catalonia

“The Confidential” consults the firm Legal Field, and his partner-director Ramon Hernandez, on the problem.

Interview with Ramón Hernández, Managing partner of Legal Field

We analyze the Royal Decree-Law 15/2017, of October 6, which facilitates the change of companies’ registered offices due to the situation of instability in Catalonia.

Interview with Ramón Hernández, Managing partner of Legal Field

We analyze the particularities of the loyalty bonds of Santander to compensate certain shareholders and bondholders of Banco Popular.

Changes in business financing

Analysis of the different forms of business financing and their respective legal implications, with special emphasis on new financial alternatives.

‘Mortgage ground clauses’: Must we negotiate?

This article clarifies some aspects of the procedure of extrajudicial claim of the ‘ground clauses’ established in Royal Decree Law 1/2017, of January 20, which may influence the decision to be taken by those affected.

Interview with Ramón Hernández, Managing partner of Legal Field

We analyze Santander’s proposal to minority shareholders of Banco Popular for them to recover their investment and the judicial proceedings they may carry out.

European Account Preservation Order: Facilitating the collection of cross-border debts

This article analyzes the European Regulation enacted to harmonize within the EU a procedure by which the creditor can obtain a judicial preservation order.

The separation of the partner due to the lack of distribution of dividends

We comment on the entry into force of the rule contained in the Capital Companies Act (LSC), which allows a partner to exercise its right of separation in the event of a failure to distribute dividends in unlisted companies.

Issues under the scrutiny of CNMV

We compare the actions of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) in relation to the Banco Popular and Liberbank cases.
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