Banking and financial services

Finance (loans, credits and other financing facilities, leasing, factoring, syndicated transactions, FX, securitisation, etc.)

Banking products and services:

  • Finance (loans, credits and other financing facilities, leasing, factoring, syndicated transactions, FX, securitisation, etc.)
  • Derivatives
  • Structured products (deposits, finance, etc.)

Financial markets:

  • Financial and investment products
  • Listing of fixed-income and equity-based securities on regulated markets (MAB, MARF, etc.)
  • Tender offers and takeover bids
  • Complex financial negotiations and transactions

Investments in financial and real estate assets:

  • Transfer of credit portfolios
  • Investments in real estate, both for the investor’s own use or management
  • Asset restructuring

Refinancing of debt and advice on pre-insolvency and insolvency proceedings

Handling of claims related to financial products

Assessment of the degree of fulfilment of company regulations and Good Governance recommendations.

Incorporation of companies and corporate transactions:

  • Amendments to Articles of Association
  • M&A (mergers, spin-offs, separations of lines of business and other restructuring transactions)
  • Shareholders’ Agreements and joint ventures
  • Restructuring of business groups
  • Liquidation and winding-up of companies

Secretarial functions for Boards of Directors and keeping of the company’s documentation:

  • Minutes Book and resolutions adopted
  • Register of Annual Accounts
  • Dealings with the Companies’ Registry

Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small Business and Family Business:

  • Legal training for entrepreneurs
  • Specific shareholders’ agreements

Sale and Purchase of companies or businesses:

  • Due diligence process
  • Drafting of contracts

Judicial proceedings or Arbitration on corporate affairs

Financial industry entities:

  • Credit Institutions
  • Payment Services Providers
  • Venture Capital Entities / Private Equity Firms
  • Electronic money institutions (EMIs)
  • Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Investment Services Companies (Stockbrokers, Asset Management Companies and Financial Advice Institutions)
  • Management Companies and Securitization Funds
  • Undertakings for Collective Investment Units

Entities in the FinTech world (financial start-ups)

Design and implementation of Regulatory Compliance and Risk Prevention Programmes (securities market, personal data protection, anti-money-laundering, criminal liability risks, etc.)

  • Preparation / review of manuals adapted to each entity
  • Staff training
  • Support in the implementation of any organizational measures necessary

Handling of case files for sanctions and penalties by supervisory bodies

Monitoring of upcoming regulation

We also provide services directly to our clients on other matters:

  • Civil law affecting personal assets and wealth (contracts, inheritances, claims for damages, etc.)
  • Real Estate
  • Judicial and arbitration proceedings in civil and business matters

We cover other areas of legal practice related to our specialities through associates collaborators with probed experience and reliability. We are in charge of co-ordinating their activities so that clients can interact exclusively with us at all times:

  • Criminal Law
  • Tax Law
  • Employment Law
  • Legislation on Foreign Residents and Immigration
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